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I've asked this question before, but I cannot find the thread. I have a Marble cake with vanilla buttercream frosting due Friday morning. Would the cake still be moist if I bake it tonight? I was thinking of putting in the fridge till Thursday night then leaving it out to come to room temp so that it isn't tough or dry. What's everyone's thoughts? Thanks.

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Today is fine.  If you put it in the fridge make sure that you wrap in snug (but not tight) with plastic wrap.

ok. Thanks for the advice.
I was wondering the same type of thing...can the cake be frosted or not? I have 2 sheet cakes with edible images and a 3 tiered cake for my sisters graduation Saturday and was wondering how far in advance could I make them? I already have alot going on Thursday and friday so if I could do it before it would help alot! Thanks!

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