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Okay so ive been looking at alot of people pictures on here and i gotta ask, How do you make the fondant shiny? and also how do you get fondant to stick to a cake, for instance like on the side of a already fondanted cake? Thanks so much for your help! Im learning alot on this website!

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Hi Chendra - If you are looking for a glossy look you can steam the fondant (I use a hand clothing steamer).  This technique also gets rid of any powdered sugar that may be on it.  If you are looking for a sheen you can use shimmer dust.  And the beautiful thing about fondant is that just a little bit of water will make two fondant pieces stick together.  So if you want to stick a fondant flower on the side of a fondant cake, you just lightly dab it with a little water and hold it in place for a few seconds.
thank you so much! i dont have a steamer, are they expensive?

I think I paid $14 for mine at Walmart.  It's not very big, but then I'm not doing giant cakes. :)   This is the one I use.  I see on Amazon here it's $19.99:


For small detail work, like individual flowers, sometimes I'll just put the tea kettle on and use the steam from the spout of that. (And then have a cup of tea when I'm done).

awesome, thanks for your help!
i've heard of people air brushing the cake with vodka.  The alcohol evaporates but makes it shinny.
Yes, that would work too, Melissa!  I forgot about that one.  I don't use that technique because I haven't invested in an airbrush set-up. :)
Be very careful when steaming things over a tea pot... burned fingers do not feel real great... speaking from experience!!!  I do use my teapot still but it is dangerous!!!  And it only takes a quick second to steam them.  My old steamer went poof so I need to invest in a new one... but I for one am not a fan of the shiny look so I don't use mine on my overall cakes.  I do use the steam on gumpaste flowers to set the color on them though. 
hi ladies i use a cordless steam iron......  i suppose one with a cord would do the same .....  works for me  :-)
thank you everyone for your suggestions! =)

Hi ladies,


Along the same lines of this do you get rid of powdered sugar off black fondant? OMG it's like the worst thing everrr!  And i dont want to use a wet brush because then the water makes these lines on it and it becomes shiny!!


Any thoughts???

Meera, I use my Ateco mat and never use any powdered sugar with it when rolling out my fondant.  As for getting rid of it steam is the best way but like you said that will make it shiny.  If you use the mat you just flip it over onto your cake then peel it off and you have a beautiful finish to your fondant every time.  And no powdered sugar mess to clean up.  I'd be lost without mine... (I have 2 of them!)  Here is the one that I have:

Thanks Jeri....i have The Mat from Sweetwise, but i only use that for rollig out big fondant pieces.  Maybe i can look into this one...i wonder if they sell them here in Toronto, Canada!! :)

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