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How do you feel after you deliver your masterpiece or it is picked up?

I am a hobby baker.  I only do cakes for friends and family, but I put my whole heart and sole into my cakes.  Lately, after delivering a cake or having one picked up I feel sort of at a loss.  It is hard to put into words.........the feeling is so hard to describe. 


Does anyone else feel like this after finishing a cake, delivering it or having it picked up?

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I know how you feel!!! I'm also a hobby baker and if I could I would do one everyday! Before a delivery or pick up I feel nervous and excited. After the trade has been made I feel relieved but upset when I see the cake cut into because so much was put in the cake. :)

I have had people ask me how I can watch a cake be cut up after putting so many hours into it.... I tell them... it's cake... it's ment to be eaten.  And I want them to tell me if it tastes as good as it looks.  I used to be a little more attached to my work when I was just starting out but after 30+ years of this... believe me sometimes you are glad to get those masterpieces out of your kitchen!


Seeing it cut up and eaten isn't bad for me. It's just letting them go.  The ladybug cake I did for one of the guys at work was the first one I felt like this about and then the butterfly pillow cake got picked up this evening and the feelings came back.  I've made bunches of cakes in the past 3 years and never felt like this, including my daughter's wedding cake.


It is a new feeling for me.  I have a couple more friends who have asked for cakes over the next few months and I hope I don't keep feeling this way........I might not let the cakes leave my house.


The minute I finish a cake I begin looking for a new one to do. No matter how stressed out i get while I'm in the project, I immediately miss it when I'm done. It's a lotlike childbirth that way..LOL

Cake decorating is a bon-a-fide art form.  Artists put their souls into their work.  We are no different.  This "job" is very personal.  Every time we send off a cake into it's glory, a little piece of us goes with it.  But ultimately it is a cake - meant to be eaten.  I tell people, my job is not done until you eat and tell me it tastes as good as it looks.


You will get used to it.  It will become fun to send them out the door to make other people happy.

Thank you all for your responses.  I can see I'm not the only one.  I guess because I put so much in each cake, it is like a little piece of me leaving with the cake.  I'm hoping I can keep it in check because eventually I would like to make this a full time business in a store front.
You will be fine Crystal!  The only difference with our form of art and a painter or sculpter is that thier work becomes more valuable with time and ours gets eaten within hours of completion!  The only thing we have to show for it is our portfolios! 

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