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How do I paint the detail on the side of the cake?! (Pic. included)

The wedding cake that I will be making is a replica of the cake that you see in the picture, that one is a small one, the one that I will be making is for 180 people ... The bride wants the white details on the cakes in gold ... I tried to make them with white chocolate in a chocolate mold and paint then in gold, they look beautiful but they dont curve to the shape of the cake, how do I make them curve to the shape of the cake? .... Any suggestions? The cake is for July 31st ... It's my very first wedding cake! Please help ...


Thank You ...

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Pipe your details in royal icing, let dry. Then using a fine (small tipped) paint brush paint edible gold powder mixed with vodka over the piped details. be careful of over painting on to the cake, if this happend use a clean brush and a bit more of the vodka to wash away the excess, being careful because to much vodka can make the fondant shinny.
Hope this helps!
You would pipe them directly onto the cake. You could roll or extrude snakes of fondant and place them on the cake before they dry, but the easiest way to accomplish that look is to pipe it onto your fondant or buttercream with royal icing and paint them like Mari said.

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