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I work a part time job and have three kids. I love, love, love decorating cakes but recently I have been burned out. Not so much on making the cakes but on dealing with the business. People order things and then complain about the price or make last minute changes. I'm not sure if I need to take an extended break from baking or just keep plugging on. I don't want to get to the point that I hate decorating cakes. Have any of you out there had this problem? How did you deal with it?

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I would give them a deadline for making changes. Otherwise you'll have to charge them for any decorations already made that you can't use. Complaining about the price - I've got a few choice words for them, but I'll behave. Explain to them what they are paying for when they order a custom cake. If they don't "get" it, they can go to Walmart.

I don't do this for money, but I do understand business...TAKE CONTROL of your business. Treat it like a business, get a contract, make them sign last minute changes...payment in full BEFORE delivery, put a rush fee on last minute orders, remember that not everyone is your customer...and sometimes just say NO!!!

You are not a doormat for everybody's chocolate cake covered shoes...but they will wipe their cake crumbs all over you if you let them.

Sit down and evaluate what you are really getting out of the business vs. what you are giving up...maybe you just want to go back to hobby baking...for the love of it...

just some things to think about...hth

Thanks. I agree. Going back to Hobby Baking is a good plan. I never really intended to start a business, it just kinda happened, now it is out of hand for what I can handle working out of my house. Thank you for your comments.

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