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im a beginner, i saw this cupcake n would love any pointers on how to recreate it

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I am not an expert either and that is why everyone loves to help each other because we do have experts and every level of caking here on this wonderful site.

I'm thinking that this is the leaf tip just held on an angle starting in the middle going back and forth ending on the outer edges.  Just a guess.

Have fun!

You could use a Wilton tip #150.  Put your cupcake in the middle of a turntable or use a cupcake nail and hold it.  Starting from the inside of the cupcake top, pipe and ruffle the frosting as you go by going slightly in and out as you go along.  Make sure you use a fairly stiff frosting so it stays standing up.  Good luck!

Thanks Eileen.  I KNEW you would have the right answer to my guess.  You are terrific!  Kim, please do what Eileen said.  She knows what she is doing!!!!

lol lol! thank u guys. its so refreshing when u could ask for help n actually get this page!

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