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How Are those cakes at Rosebud Cakes done and Making my own edible Monogram Toppers

I have been admiring the wonderfully colourful and energetic cakes of Rosebud Cakes and am puzzled at what it is that they use to create their curls and figures and stuff that stands up in the air?  Their work is just so full of vibrant colour and "movement" and I would love to give it a go. 


Also, I am needing to make some monogram toppers for a friend's upcoming wedding and she is looking for something that is full of bling - any advice?


Happy caking all :-)

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I did a quick google search so I hope I'm talking about the right people.  Once at the site, I looked at the "new wave & floral design" photos.  Some of the things they use are not edible.  The "25" cake is a combination of things made with royal icing & those plastic sprays you can get at party stores.

If you share a link to a photo of a cake you have in mind, I can be more specific.

For the friend's wedding, you can use edible gems.  There is a really neat site (I'll have to look for it) that sells them or you can try to make them if you have time.  You'll need to practice making them's a challenge to figure out exactly how to keep them from having bubbles or turning yellow.  Another option is to make a large bow "pinned" with a personal broach.  That's also a nice way to highlight a family heirloom.

Hullo Laney, thank you kindly for getting back to me.  Indeed, it is their new wave design that I find quite fascinating, but not such good news that it's not all edible :-(    I have sourced a local supplier who makes the edible gems, but my enquiry was also related to what would one thread in to the letters to keep them standing up on top of the cake?  I see pink cakebox makes use of quite a lot of rolled out paste that is shaped in to the number, but this friend wants something that is flatter and looks like the fancy schmancy ones one can buy in speciality shops here in SA - but are obviously a tad expensive.  Thank you though for getting back to me on this.  I will send you the link of the rosebud cake I was really curious about.  Thanks, Mandy

I also did a quick google search to find the site and for the most part, it appears that all of the wild crazy colors are made from gum paste or fondant, with a few added sprays of stars and such for the smaller added touches.

Thanks Linda - the link is and its a rollercoaster cake - quite something :-)

Their cakes are amazing. I know a girl who used to work there. I know they often use styrofoam and cardboard for backing and use buttercreme to design it. They do use nonedible materials.

Hi Ruby, thanks for that - this past weekend I did a merry-go-around cake and used a real merry-go-around on top so I guess one can use inedible things to tweek the looks of a cake, hey?  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to come to you fantastic country and spend a week or a month or heck a lifetime learning more about this fantastic art form!  So much talent and so much to learn from youall :-)

Mandy, When I make gumpaste letters, I use wooden skewers to secure them into the cake.  You could use floral wire, but I prefer the skewers.  It is the only non-edible item I use, but I haven't found anything else as sturdy.

Ahhh looks like they may be using some sugar veil as well on that cake.  I'm not sure if they are using foamboard or pastillage.

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