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Ok ladies,

I need some help and suggestion.  My cousin wants a cake made like a house for his daughters housewarming on Sunday.  First, I would like a good recipe where I can incorporate box and regular cake flour so that I still get that homemade taste.  Also, should I do a sheet cake with the house on the end and fix and garden and walkway, or should I make one large cake shape like a house, and what should I charge?  HELP!!!!


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How much time do you want to spend?? You could do anything from a sheet cake with a RCT house on one end with the garden and walkway, to  2D house cut from a sheetcake, to  3D house made from stacked sheets. Depends upon how many servings you need to, and what the market will bear in your location pricewise. I would go with the  WASC recipe - holler if you need it and I'll send it on!

I tried to answer you yesterday Jean, but CWB kept bouncing me out for some reason.

As Joann stated above...... need to know the amt of people your serving etc. You could do a cut out of a house in fondant/gumpaste from a template and either place it on a slab, or stick to the side of a 2 tier cake. Lots of good recipes here on CWB for  scratch & doctored mixes.

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