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Before I 'practice' and mess this up. How to I make 'hot pink' colored buttercream. Is it as simple as adding red gel color till you get right color?

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The color I think your looking for comes as electric pink( americolor or duff). Add just little at a time until you reach the shade you want.
Hmm, ok thanks. I was trying to avoid buying another color gel for a cup of hot pink icing. :(
do they have anything in wilton-atleast close
When I checked yesterday at the store they only had red and Rose pink.
Adding more red will never give you a hot pink.  You need pink - Americolor sells a Hot Pink that is very vibrant.
Yes, The Americolors are fantastic.  I have used the Electric Pink and butter cream and fondant and I was pleased with the way it turned out.
Jenifer - the Wilton Rose color will get you close to hot pink. :)  Not their Pink, but the Rose. You can add a little tiny bit of red if it's not dark enough for you.
ok, thanks for all the tips ladies.
i use pink called rose and always get a nice hot pink.

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