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I started a new job in October, I work for 6 attorneys and am the only non attorney there. Long story short, rather than buying gift for all of them, I'm going to be baking cupcakes, cookies and some fudge. Does anyone have some ideas as what to make and how much? I want to have a little variety in my dessert box. What are your holiday favorites? 

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Jackie, I have a few of my favorites on my website--, under recipes if you want to look. I've baked all of them. I usually give baked goods too, have for years, now everyone expects to get something sweet from me and I'm glad to do it. Easier than shopping.

I took in cupcakes my second week and now someone asks me almost daily when will I be bringing in more. My mom and I have decided to bake together like we did when I was younger. I'll definitely be checking out your website. Thank you!!

Jackie, my favourite seasonal bake is my chocolate yule log.  I get the same people asking me every year in September ' are you doing your logs again this year?  How soon can I order?'  One family member gets one as his gift each Christmas and his wife reckons he would never speak to me again if I gave him something else.  The usual recipe is chocolate sponge roll filled and covered in chocolate butter icing.  this year I am also making one as a gift that will be a Black Forest version.  Chocolate sponge filled with Morello cherry conserve and covered in chocolate brandy ganache.  I have also made a selection of various size fruit cakes which I will be covering in marzipan and fondant and adding some season decorations.  These will be gifts also.  As Betty says, always well received and so much easier (and more fun), that shopping!  Check out my page for pictures of the cakes I gave last year -

Jackie I make chocolate truffles for all my nieces & nephews at Christmas + a small assortment of cookies. With the exception of 2, none of them are bakers, so they really look forward to them. I have been in a cookie exchange for a few years, and what I have been doing is using the cookies given to me at the exchange to give away. I mean I end up with 3-4 doz....hubby & I don't need to eat them!!
The truffles I make aren't technically the real deal, it's a Oreo Cookie truffle recipe. Dead easy and oh so good. I don't necessarily use Oreos. Any type of good chocolate cookie will do. Last year I use a mint chocolate cookie. I also made individual mini cheesecakes, using Oreo/chocolate cookies as the base. They went over really well. I made all in early Dec & froze. Just had to pull them out Christmas Eve day to wrap. I buy cute little reuse able Christmas decorated plastic containers to put them in... :o)

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