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I have an order for 24 cupcakes and a 3D Iron Man.  How would you price it?  I was thinking $3.00 a person, they are having about 55 people. That would come to $165.00.  Does that sound fair?

This a for a lady from church, I made a truck cake for her husband several months ago and only charged her $75.00.  Honestly I didn't know what in the world I was doing as far as the cake and pricing.  Guess I still don't know what I'm doing LOL.
Anyway, HELP if you can.

Thanks soooo much,

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I normally charge $1.95 per cc but I'm not putting a lot of detailing into it and that's the normal rate for plain in my area.
That sounds VERY fair to me.... Especially with a 3-D cake.
Yeah I was kind of curious about pricing too.

I have a b-day cake/cupcake combo coming up for about 30 people. Im still unsure if I want to do a 1 tier and 24 cupcakes or a small 2 tier(6 and 8) with 12 cupcakes. Half vanilla and half chocolate. I'll be using fondant plus some flowers on it. I"ll either use a fondant top on the cuppies with a flower or just butter cream swirl it with a flower. There will be kids there as well, which is why i suggested cupcakes with the cake. I think originally she wanted a 3 tier.

But I am clueless on a ball park price. Its for a friend and Ive never charged for a cake before.
There are many discussions pertaining to pricing in the "Cake Decorating Business" section of this forum.

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