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Does anyone know how to make red icing that doesn't taste bad?

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I use the no taste red from Wilton and it seemed to work well. You can look at my photos and see one that is really red and I was told it tasted great.


i also use the no taste from wilton, but in addition if you start with a chocolated butter cream is easier to get red.

Stay away fro Wilton if at all possible,  While it may not taste bad, if any brand is going to bleed, it will be Wilton.  Doesn't mean it always will... but it's the only brand I've ever used that does!


Use Americolor (easy to find) or my all time favorite Chefmaster (much harder to find).


Neither take much color (Chefmaster takes even less) to produce strong coloring.  They seem expensive.  but since you use much less, they are actually cheaper.  You will find one of these brands at real cake supply stores, not Michael's, JoAnns or places like that. 

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