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Help? Wilton Seporator Plate and Plastic dowels? Cake is due tommrow!!

Help me as the cake is due tommrow.  Has any ever used the Wilton spectator plates and plastic dowel rods? This may be a stupid question but the dowel rods do not fit into the separator plate is there something else that needs to go on the end before the plate?????

Decorator Preferred® Scalloped Separator Plates

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I sorry I can not answer this question for you. but maybe you can try going to youtube to find the answer or the

wilton site they have a forum there maybe your answer lays there. I hope this helps

Apparently they are not made to fit together the plates are made only for the columns, even though on there site they clearly used the plastic dowels to hold up a teddy bear cake on a plate.  I think I am over Wilton.

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