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I'm baking cookies today like I have a hundred times before but something isn't right.  Why did this happen?  See photo.  The cookies have a flaky crust on top?  I did everything like I usually do.  After I cut out my cookies I put them in the freezer for a bit so they won't spread when they bake.  Did I leave them in the freezer too long?  This is a mystery to me.  Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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Wow Kathy, I have never seen that... it is almost like  a pastry that has flaked.... was your butter too cold?
No, I don't think so, Jeri.  I set it out the night before, so it had plenty of time to become room temperature.  Every single cookie turned out that way.  I ended up taking a spatula and scraping the flakes off.  Other than the flakes the cookies turned out great.  Taste the same as always.  It's a mystery for sure.
They looked beautiful!  It just almost looked like the butter seperated for some reason.  It's a mystery!  As long as they look great and taste great... no one needs to know!!!
Thanks, Jeri.  It IS a mystery.  I can't imagine what happened.  I had lunch with the girls I worked with at the cookie store and they hand no idea either.  Oh, well, as you said, they turned out fine, especially after I scraped them, and they tasted just the same.

It has something to do with the cold dough meeting the heat of the oven.

Some sort of baking powder action.

Just smash lightly with a cookie spatula when still hot from the oven.

The RI will cover it up just fine.


Mimi, there is no baking powder in my cookie recipe.  I tried what you suggested when they came out of the oven and that really didn't help.  It's a mystery for sure.  Next time I won't leave them in the freezer as long and see what happens.
This happens when the flour doesn't get mixed up enough. For example, you roll out your cookie dough, and then take the scrapes and re-roll the dough in more flour. The flour is what causes the flaking on the top of the cookie. The dough didn't get mixed enough because of the added rolling flour.

i could be that you froze too long then had condensation form between the freezer & oven.

Thanks so much for your input...the strange thing is that it hasn't happened since.

This sounds the most likely to me--I've had it happen when it was extra humid in the kitchen!  It's the same sort of thing when you add steam to an oven when making Italian Bread and want it extra crusty.

Jen Montalto said:

i could be that you froze too long then had condensation form between the freezer & oven.

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