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Making mudcakes was a breeze for me, always came out perfectly, after I took about 6 months to prefect my technique.

But now, all of a sudden, I've run into a problem - they rise beautifully until 3/4 of the cooking time, then they sink, lower in the middle than the original height of the cake batter.

 What could it be?  Paper lining too slippery? Too much bi carb soda?   Different brand of flour?  The last two times I didn't even open the oven to check if it needed a covering to prevent scorching on top.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate as I have 5 mudcake to make in the next 10 days and have already ruined 2.

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Just a few thoughts ... 

collapsing = not enough structure 

* too much leavener or rising too quick before the flour has had a chance to gelatinize ..

* too much moisture ... are you as humid as we are? could you flour be damp?

* too hot - crusting and hard spots are also symptomatic ...

* temperature fluctuations

Which Planet Cake recipe are you using? I have 4 variations of the dark chocolate mudcake...

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