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Hi. I cannot find answer for this anywhere.

I am going to bake 4 different sizes wedding cakes. Bride wants to have them on separated cakes stands. But what I don't know is, what size of cake board to use. Can they be a little bigger than a cake or same size- so you won't able to see them.

What do you usually use for this type of separate wedding cakes???? Help please. :)

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Do you mean something like this Majka? what type of stands?


If it's like this pic then i would go with slightly bigger boards (drums) as seen in the pic and cover the board as i cover the cake.

I agree.  If you look in my pictures = the 1st one on the 1st page is a 3 tier seperated set up.  Each cake is on a board 2" larger than the cake.

I think it won't look like that. I did know what kind of stand she is going to use, but I know now. :)

She has a stump stands for each of her cakes. What would you do in this case? I will use ribbon around bottom of cake and flowers on the top. Then pearls around it.

I would find out the size of the stumps and take if from there...

the picture from the link you attached...each cake is on a cake board cut the same size as the cake...


Look at the pic from the link above..this may be what you are going for. Use cake drums 2" bigger than the cake.


If she is using stumps as shown in the pic, then either way will look good.  That is a matter of opinion.  Ask the bride which she prefers. 


If you go with the board being 2" larger - cover the board to match the cake.  Make it a part of the cake.

I decorated and set up a wedding cake for my son on stumps. Check out my photos Eric's cake was set up on 3 stumps. I covered double cardboards in foil. Having an edge made it easier to place the cakes on the stumps.

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