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hi as anyone got a chocolate cake reciepe that I could try every time I make a chocolate cake it always turns out realy dry :( what am I doing wrong !!!!! :(

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I would love to have one too. Mine are always fudgie in the middle and dry on the outside.
I use the chocolate WASC version... it is really good and and moist all the way through out. It is not a 'scratch' recipe, but it definately has more umph that just a plain box.

2 dark chocolate cake mixes
2 c cake flour (gives it a lighter crumb)
2 1/4 c sugar (extra sugar for moistness)
1/3 c cocoa powder
3/4 t salt (less salt because of the cocoa powder)
2 pkg chocolate fudge pudding mixes
8 egg whites or 6 whole eggs
2 c sour cream
2 c coffee
1 c chocolate milk (extra liquid because chocolate mixes tend to be thick)
1/3 c oil
2 t Nielsen Massey's chocolate extract (or you can add extra vanilla)
2 t vanilla or butter extract

I mix all liquid ingredients first, then add my dry ones. Cook as long as needed at 325. This does make a lot of batter and can be halved if needed.

I have used this recipe eveythime and it is a hit! I baked on Thur. for a cake due on Fri. morning and found out that night after it was baked and frosted that she went out of town unexpectedly and would not be back untilMon. Since she had never eaten one of my cakes before, and this cake was always eaten immediately with no leftovers, I did not know how good it would be after four days and baked her another one for Mon. I served the one fro Thur. to some dinner guests on Sun. night, and it was still moist and delicious. My friends say it is "to die for", "the best choc. cake ever", "how do you get it so moist?", etc. I definitely recommend it, I make the choc. buttercream as a filling when I have to decorate the cake. Although it calls for hershey cocoa, I use nestle because it is cheaper. If you don't want to use veg. oil, you can substitute grapeseed oil which is healthier.
My motto is. if you need a good recipe go to the website of the ingredients. Hersheys for choc. and for
I used this recipe for the Valentines Day cake I made my husband. He claims it is by far the best chocolate cake he has ever had. The only thing I did different than the recipe is I brush a simple syrup on the cake before I freeze it (because I make all my cakes in advance)
Hershy had a fabulas receipe on its Coacoa container. and for why your cakes come out dry? you might just be overcooking the or using poor quality ingredients...
Julie Lynn Schwane said:
Hershy had a fabulas receipe on its Coacoa container. and for why your cakes come out dry? you might just be overcooking the or using poor quality ingredients...
That is the same recipe that I use too, the deep dark chocolate cake.
This is my version of the Chocolate WASC.... The espresso powder just enhanses the chocolate you don't even taste it. I only use the mini chips because they don't make it hard to cut the cake. this pairs very well with chocolate ganache or vanilla bean buttercream. Raspberry buttercream is also a favorite with it. I had a couple who do not like sweets... so when they were tasting cake samples they just could not come to a conclusion. So I was making this cake for another order and I baked a small one for them and took it to them... She called the next day and said they ate the whole thing and wanted their entire wedding cake this recipe! I asked her what about people who do not like chocolate... she said tough... this is it. So...her 4 tier wedding cake was this recipe with chocolate ganache.

2 Boxes Triple Chocolate Fudge Betty Crocker
2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
3 TBSP Cocoa Powder
1 TBSP Espresso Powder (I use Medadlia D'oro brand)
I put all of the above in my 6 qt kitchen aid and start it on low and just let it run so all of the dry ingredients incorporate well.
While that is running measure out the following
2 2/3 cups water
1/2 cup oil ( I use crisco)
6 whole eggs
Add the water, let it mix in add the oil... let it mix in.... add the eggs 3 at a time and mix them in before adding the rest of the eggs.
Then add in
1 Tbsp madagascar vanilla
2 cups sour cream... I add the sour cream one cup at a time and mix well after each addition.
½ bag mini choco chips

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