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I have a request for a pillow cake with a tiara on top for a baby shower.  I have never done one so can someone help me?

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I'm afaid I can't help you, but am offering love and support! I also need to know how to do a pillow, and will be watching your discussion to learn too. Hope you get some very helpful replies! Good Luck! Be sure to post a pic when it is done!!!
hey there,
you can go on and order the pillow pans now, they are a new item that will cut down on all the cutting/shaping of the cake.Hope this helps!
Hi you can try this lady's method:

Hope this helps!
I bought the pans at Michael's and have used them they are very simple to put together.
I found this article at Cake Central and used it with very little problem. If you check out my photos you will see the one I made with a slipper on top.
Yes, they have pans now but if you don't want to spend the money just now...check out these instructions. Good luck and most of all have fun!!!
Hi Gwen ~ I ended up purchasing the pillow pans that Wilton has. If you check out my photos, you can see two that I made. You do what you feel comfortable doing but know that it is not difficult at all, no matter which route you take. Good luck. ~ Diana

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