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Good morning all!

I have a wedding cake to do in a few weeks and the couple insists on having mousse as a filling for their tiers (3 tier cake).

I've not worked with mousse being used as a filling and the cake covered in fondant.

I know I do not have  a fridge large enough to keep this cake cold, so how should I handle this? Would a room with air conditioning be enough?

Also what about the day of the wedding? If there is no fridge that can accommodate this cake, leaving it out for a few hours would be okay? 

The other thing i'm worried about are the Fresh flowers going on the cake - how would a fridge affect this??

Thanks so much!!

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Sorry I don't have an answer for you, Your concerns are why I don't do wedding cakes with any kind of filling that

needs refrigeration. If they asked for it I tell them why I don't do it. The fresh flowers as long as they don't freeze should be OK in fridge ( they are in a cooler at the Florist) Maybe someone else will have an answer for you that will help.

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