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I am quite new to cake decorating but have done quite a few successfull cakes. My latest order is for a cake that looks like a haybale. i am worried about gettingthe icing to stay in place. I have thought of 2 different options, 1 i can roll fondant into long snakes so to speak and secure them with butter cream, or i can just ice the straw in buttercream? i have an icing tip that makes the grass so will use this for the edges. Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated.


I have attached the original pic i am going to be workingfrom as well as the pic of the hat i have already done for the top of the cake.

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So I uploaded some pics via the email option. I'm using a blackberry to chat etc. I also pit the pic of the telletubbie cake I did last night and tomorrow will upload the army cake.

As much as I'd love to take credit, wasn't that Katy that suggested the pick? I'm so glad to hear you both had success. I'm looking for Vicky's picture now. ;)

jan daniel said:

I did a hay bale wedding cake and from the ingenious suggestion from Rima, to use a hair pic and run it back and forth in  the butter cream.  I filled my bag with several different shades of "straw", and then ran the pic through it.  I did one side at a time so it would not start crusting before I could pic it. It worked like a dream.  I also got super skinny blue and yellow (wedding colors) licorice and twisted them to use as the hay bale ties. 

Actually Rima - I think the original idea was one you made for jan. lol bit like chinese whispers!  No matter who suggested anyway, as long as the result was achieved.

Hey Rima nad Katy, apologies for not sending kudos in the right direction.  I posted a correction via my iPhone, but it ended up on the wrong page.  Sorry for any confusion.  The pic in the buttercream idea came from Gayl Colding. My continued encouragement comes from Linda Wolff, they both rock! The floorboard and bandanas are fondant.  Most of the flowers are gum paste. What isn't shown are the five blue ribbon "pies" that sat in front of the bale.  They were baked in vintage tins and iced to look like lattice work on fruit pies and a couple merinngues This cake served 232. The original idea was to a hay bale angled on top of another with bunch of "field flowers" on top, to look as if they were just laid on the bale.  The wrench into the works came when the bride presented me with a country girl and boy cake topper. Knowing that sticking a topper on a hay bale would just be ridiculous, I decided to do a small wedding cake that was "roughed up and vintagy looking" (a quote from the bride).  The cake had barbed wire, horseshoes, tiny acorns and some lady bugs hidden here and there in addition to the flowers, leaves and curly willow.  

Linda Wolff, they both rock! The floorboard and bandanas are fondant.  Most of the flowers are gum paste. This cake served 232.

Oh good, well it's all straightened out now LOl. Both cakes were gorgeous!

lol jan, whatever, it really isn't important.  We all share and use each others ideas.  This cake is great.  And yes, Linda Wolff does rock, as do so many other lovely people on this site.

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