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I am quite new to cake decorating but have done quite a few successfull cakes. My latest order is for a cake that looks like a haybale. i am worried about gettingthe icing to stay in place. I have thought of 2 different options, 1 i can roll fondant into long snakes so to speak and secure them with butter cream, or i can just ice the straw in buttercream? i have an icing tip that makes the grass so will use this for the edges. Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated.


I have attached the original pic i am going to be workingfrom as well as the pic of the hat i have already done for the top of the cake.

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Sounds to me like you've sorted it :) I'd go with the grass tip and buttercream. Should work a treat.

Vicky, here is a link that might give you some good pointers too.

Hat is terrific.  I agree with Tracy (and trust me, she's woman who knows), I would say buttercream is most definitely your best option.  You can do so much with it when it's in place.  You could try spreading or piping it on and then running over it with a serrated object of some sort, either a tool if you have it or a wide comb, then adding some grass tips at some of the ends for loose hay.  Good luck

What about wrapping it in fondant and then like making pages of a book make all the lines all around and round off the top to make it look rounded. Use the grass tip for the ends... Good luck make sure you post a picture when your done...

Thanks ladies. I have a tip for the piping bag that makes grass type finish. Will post pics. I'm also doing a tellytubbie cake and an army cake for this weekend.

Haha no pressure then Vicky!

Yeah none at all! And the haybale is for my boss's wifes sisters 30th!

Here are some ideas for you that you can put over buttercream. Love the hat you did a fantasic job!

To me this looks like a pasta maker fettucini cut. this and two below look pretty good. Best wishes!

Kitchen Kapers-looks like fondant extruder or spagetti maker.

I dream of Jeanne Cakes-looks like a cocnut method that works.

Thanks everyone. Gonna give it a shot with the buttercream. Will post pics.

I did a hay bale wedding cake and from the ingenious suggestion from Rima, to use a hair pic and run it back and forth in  the butter cream.  I filled my bag with several different shades of "straw", and then ran the pic through it.  I did one side at a time so it would not start crusting before I could pic it. It worked like a dream.  I also got super skinny blue and yellow (wedding colors) licorice and twisted them to use as the hay bale ties. 

Wow!!! Success! How do upload a pic?

Vicky - go to your page, click on cake photos, then you will see a tab +Add at the top (on the right).  This will bring up a box where you can upload from your computer.  It can be quite slow to upload, depending on gig size of your pic.  You can then add a title, description, tags etc.  Well done on the success, looking forward to seeing it.

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