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im a novice baker and i just get on with it last minute and hope for the best but i have today been asked to do the cake and a stall of naughty little treats for the jubilee street party for the community i live in only about 50-60 people max! i have the cake sorted but the edible treats is where im stuck!

i was just going to do cupcakes (choc, vanilla, lemon drizzle, strawberry n cream, raspberry cheesecake) , cake balls, rainbow oreos, choc dipped homemade pretzels and crown cookies and choc pops so was going to do 20 or 30 of each item but been told i need more of a selection as people wont just want them? 

what more can i do? i have to have the plan of what i am going to do in my end of Feb so they committee can agree they are happy! they are paying for any supplies i need to make them so i want to make them happy! any earnings i get from making this i am donating to charity!

any ideas will be much appreciated!

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Wow, Nikki! That's a lot of work and a large variety of items!  They told you you need to do even more?  You're a saint. :)  That said - you could do something simple like bark - you just melt chocolate and then pour it over stuff like nuts or crushed cookies or crushed candies - then let it set in the fridge then break it up and put it in treat bags. 

Thanks, i know its crazy and i thought i was going over board just to be safe, they have sent me an email today to say that they need more as they invited the 20 construction workers (and their family) who built the development i live on some new fashion community ect ect but thats still only 150ish people max but with what i listed above that totals 330 individual treats that are average size not small at all! they wasting the money i spose not me but still!

but i love that idea i have ordered some edible gems also to make the diamonds on the main jubilee cake but im going to search for caramel recipes to test and make the above with that and chocolate and maybe even mint creams and fudge but if they are still not happy its tuff but i love baking so wont be too hard..... i hope! 

Wow, I can't believe they want more!  You are wonderful for doing all of this. 

Here's a few ideas maybe:

-candy/caramel apples

-chocolate covered rice crispy squares that you can decorate with your edible gems

-chocolate dipped marshmallow pops


-cupcakes in a jar


-whoopie pies

-sugar cookie sandwich with buttercream frosting inside

and like the previous poster mention almond bark would be easy to do as well! 


here is a link to making cupcakes in a jar... they're something a little different and a really good treat!


Good luck with it all!  Hopefully it will be enough for them :)


ooooh im loving these ideas also! hehe i think that will do now if they want anymore im not doing it haha x

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