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I am trying to cover a 9 inch cake with fondant. I have tried 5 times already.... I roll it out to 16 inches and I am using 2 lbs of fondant. Every time I put  fondant on it cracks on the edge... What the heck is wrong ???????? Please Help...

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What is the actual size Patricia? 9"x2"? 9"x3"? If 9x2, you roll 9+2+extra 2"=13"
Ditto for 9x3. But even if you're rolling out 16", if your fondant is flexible & pliable, it shouldn't crack? The other problem might be that it is too thick. If so, once it drapes over the cake, the weight pulls the fondant and fondant cracks around the edge of the cake. Sometimes fondant can rip as well. What kind of fondant are you using?

Hi June... The cake is a round 9X4 and I used Wiltons. I was thinking it was to heavy also . I should have rolled it out thinner. How do you know when it is thin enough? I went to plan B after 5 tries and frosted it. Then added a small pinch of disco dust to mach the flowers. I think the bride will be happy. She is serving pies so the small cake was for the cake cutting ceremony.

Patricia I agree with June - it defo sounds like it's too heavy to me.  Or could it possibly be too dry?  You could have tried kneading it really well again and maybe adding a little crisco (shortening, whatever you call it where you are).

Hey Patricia

First off.....  DON'T USE WILTON FONDANT!!!!!!!!  I cannot stress that enough. Great to use for modeling, or practice, but definitely NOT to cover a cake. Tastes terrible, and awful to roll out and work with. Think your bride will be happy for the taste of yummy BC over that Wilton stuff.  Either buy a food quality brand like Fondix, Satin Ice, Fonarific....etc.  or make your own. It is simple & easy. I make mine all the time. As I said in the previous post, your fondant should feel smooth & elastic, very pliable. Should be relatively easy to roll out. You might have to use a little pressure, but nothing excessive. You can really tell by the "feel" Patricia. I started out buying mine. And once I got comfortable with it, got confident and knew the feel and how it was suppose to work, I started making my own.

I took a Wilton fondant class. OMG... I couldn't stand it. I had been buying my fondant from a decorator supply shop before I ever took the class, and I had some on hand. I brought it to the class.  Wilton teacher kind of snickered. She basically said because Michael's had a contract with Wilton, and it was a Wilton course she HAD to recommend we purchase that brand, and of course, buy it from Michael's. Teacher said she would never actually put it on a cake to sell, but of course, would deny she said it.....   Hee Hee

Hope this helps  :o)

I SO agree with June!!  Wilton is awful!!

Quite frankly I have trouble with Satin Ice as well.  I don't know if it is the humidity here in Charleston or a bad batch or that I am not as proficient in covering cakes but it too cracks on my edges.  I always roll to 1/4" or less so I don't think it is too thick.  Instead, I use Duff brand.  It is so flexible & forgiving.  I'm hoping rumors are true & Fondarific is similar.  I just bought 40 pounds of it!  I LOVE satin ice for bands.  I can use either for figurines.

Fondant cracks because it's dry. It needs to be warmed by your hands and kneaded thorougly before rolling. Add shortening if you need to, but a 5 second run in the microwave will usually get the kneading process started. If the cracks are just like stressed areas on the edges you can cover them on white fondant by brushing shortening on them and then filling them over with a mixture of powdered sugar and cornstarch (cornflour). Thickness does matter, but  1/8 to 1/4 inch thick is  good. Another thing that will compromise your fondant is too much thin or soft frosting because it gets soggy and tears or bulges. If this happens, try using less frosting or add some ganache to your whipped cream or buttercream frosting that you are icing the outsides with. You just need to practice to find your comfort zone, because climate also plays a part.  Best wishes!

I made my own mmf Friday & I rolled it out yesterday about 1/8" thin. No problems. Also Patricia, the icing should be well set up & crusted before you put on your fondant. Like Rima said, too much icing can make your fondant soggy.

Wilton fondant... OMG no! 1st problem is right there. it's dry to start and it doesn't taste very good. listen to June's advice. i like FondX and Elite the best (tho Satin Ice is good too). the small amount of chocolate in the FondX recipes does wonders for the workabilty. Doesn't dry nearly as fast and nice and elastic and smooth. Watch the online vendors for sales and stock up then. I color all my fondant myself (except black and red... those are worth buying. The extra food color you need to get rich solid red and black screws up the fondant itself). 

Your 2nd problem is probably environment. I had a terrible time covering cakes when I started... elephant skin, cracking, etc. in the winter, it's too dry and my fondant would dry out before i even finished kneading it. in the summer, the humidity makes it too soft and it tears if you look at it wrong. hours of wasted time and frustration.

HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION!!! I was at my local supply place one day and saw THE MAT there. bought it completely on a whim. i came home and watched their instructional video. 1st time i tried it, i was completely in love! basically it is 2 pieces of food-grade vinyl. you "season" the inside surface of both with a little shortening. then knead your fondant to warm it up. sandwich it between the vinyl sheets and roll! flip it, turn it, keep rolling to the right thickness and size. peel off your top sheet. lay it over the cake and pull off the other. watch the video to get all the specifics and a couple tips. LOVE this product!

and, they just released the new version that has size markings as well as a "home baker" size and a mini for smaller decorating uses. totally worth the investment (which really isn't too much at all).

here's the link:

The Mat

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