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omg.... ive got a giant cupcake for tomorrow, all baked, the heart topper all made, but was making the giant choc cup to sit it in this morning  :(    unfortunately, it stuck in mould and has cracked as i started to get it out :(   has anybody got any ideas on how to do the base, its for an 11yr girl birthday, topper hearts are pink, vanilla buttercream for top with pink sparkles and pearls scattered, and was ging to be choc cup base.... :(   gutted it all falling apart, can anyone help

desperate ;(

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Depending, you may be able to repair that cake. buttercream can hold cake together quite well so long as there isn't too much weight going on top of it.

if not, quickly bake small round cakes of roughly the same size as that mold-which is probably an 8" round, for height may take 3 pans. then stack these and carve them down and in to form the base of the cupcake.Then if you want those grooves in it, just apply the buttercream smooth and take a tool or even just a straw or similar shape item and run it gently up the edges to form those grooves before the buttercream dries and crusts.

and if you are using that giant cupcake silicone mold, next time grease it down with that Cake Release grease-found at walmart, or any cake place. this will prevent cake from sticking to any pan with any shape.

hope this helps

Hi Lou

Why not re-use the chocolate and make modeling chocolate. Very easy to use & woork with.

For every 7 0z/200 grams, you add 1/4 cup/60 ml corn syrup.  Melt your chocolate, add your corn syrup. It will harden right away. Place in a plastic bag, place in fridge for at least 1 hour.  After 1 hour, you can knead it and it will be very pliable. To make it even more pliable, add a bit of fondant.  You press this into your mold, place mold & modeling chocolate in fridge, it should set up in no time. Don't know what your mold is...silicone/metal, but I would very lightly coat mold with shortening, place a very small amount of cocoa inside, shake it out. The same way you would in a cake pan. That will help your mold "pop" out.

Know there is a time difference as I write this, so I hope this helps.

thanks for the ideas ladies,   few that was a close one, managed to salvage cake but the chocolate cup was a gonner :(

ended up covering base in fondant and putting grooves in like you suggested :)

chocolate is now being remelted to try the modeling chocolate....  thanks again


Well as long as everything turned out, that's great.

Well i made one recently> What i did was carve out the base (wavy) like the cupcake wrapper and covered it witth a contrasting colour fondant. As with all fondabt sculptures, work on the grooves it really looks real and beautiful. I'm sure you can do it. All the best :)

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