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Hi ladies!!

I just filled my cake with cream cheese and I pressed the layers down so the acccess and any air can come out, but the cream cheese just keeps coming out through the sides!

I did do a DAM, but i'm not sure where I went wrong!!  I"ve put it into the fridge right now with a heavy container on top to see if it will remove more air and any more filling.  But now i'm worried what if there is no filling or little filling for the cake?!


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Personally, I do not press down my layers and I do make a dam for fillings and icing inside layers so the fillings holds in place while I do my crumb coat.  It could also be your recipe, a bit to thin????

Was your dam made from cream cheese icing or regular icing? Once you take it out of the frig, most likely it will melt down again anyway if it is cream cheese icing. I would take a small spreader and pull some of that out and then go back with a stiff icing with no cream cheese and redo your dam with the.

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