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I'm a hobby baker with my neighbour and a friend of mine told me today she wants us to make a 2-3ft high Big Bird cake for her daughter's birthday as it was her nickname when she was small.  She has been kind enough to give us 11 month's notice, but I wouldn't know where to start regarding supporting such a beast (have already told her it would have to be sitting down!), particularly the beak! 


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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There is a store in Ocala,Fl called Icing on the Cake and they have an item that looks like a big drinking straw that is supposed to support cakes. I cannot remember what they are called only who has them. I met them at the ICES convention. They seemed very nice and may be able to make a suggestion. :)
Here are some pictures of plastic supports  When doing a sculpture cake, you can use plastic or metal pipes and plastic separator plates with holes in the centers and plastic flanges to hold them level, to support all the layers, and use different sizes as the stack gets narrower at the neck, then wider at the head.  The beak can be made on a long flat piece attached to the center support, to hold up the cake or make it out of rice krispie treats.  They are lightweight and can be molded into that sort of shape.  Or make the beak out of gumpaste and let it totally dry before attaching it--but still, add a narrow flat support between the layers to hold it upright. I'd make the hands, beak and feet from the rice krispie treats.
Thank you both so much.  A friend is an engineer so I am now going to pick his brain and get him to construct me something!

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