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Ive been cake decorating for 2 years all self taught except for a few classes at Michaels and what I google on the internet...I need help because sometimes my fondant get soft and rips if I fondant the cake to soon and I usually end up having to redo it..I don't keep it in the fridge because im scared it will get hard (fondant).  Can I put it in the fridge?

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What kind of fondant are you using?  Do you make your own?

It varies mostly wilton and satin ice..when I make my own it breaks apart..what is the best to use

I don't care for the taste of Wilton but lately I've tried this which combines Wilton with Marshmallow fondant and everyone likes it. Some long time users of Satin Ice are complaining about issues.  They feel like it has changed in consistency.  Like you, I've only been doing this for about 2 yrs and am self-taught so I may not be of much help.  This could be happening for a couple of reasons.  You could be drying out the fondant if using corn starch,  could be that the fondant needed to be kneaded a bit more,  could even be the thickness of the fondant either too thin or too thick.  This is what I do and so far so good (although sometimes I have issues while putting the fondant on),  I use SMBC on my cakes.  I chill then to get the buttercream firm.  Before putting on the fondant, I use a pastry brush to wet the buttercream so that the fondant sticks to the cake.  With marshmallow fondant, I have no problem refrigerating my cakes and do it all the time.  I have never had a problem with it cracking or ripping once I have it on the cake. I still have a love/hate relationship with fondant but it's while I am trying to cover the cake.


It varies but yes you can put your fondant cake in the fridge. It will most likely sweat and get sticky when you take it out but don't panic. just let it sit at room temperature and don't touch it and it will adjust and dry out.

I also  use Satin Ice. How thin are you rolling it? If your fondant is too thin it will tear easier. I have also found that if I spray my counter top with a light coating of PAM spray (or something similar) before I roll out my fondant, it helps. especially when I use darker colors, they don't dry and crack.

Good luck

OH and you might be interested in the FREE fondant techniques class on CRAFTSY! it has some helpful hints and step by step instructions

yes you can keep it in the frig, but it will get moisture on it when you take  it ,out so you need time to let it dry , don't touch it when its drying ! , your fondant should firm up after its out for a bit , wondering if its to hot and its melting ! or what kind of fondant you are using ? , happen to me 1 time when I used to much buttercream that was not crusting, be-4 I put the fondant on my cake , ! 

I think you should try making home made , it works very well and you can flavor it to any flavor you want !

I have The Mat Patricia. Roll my fondant out between 2 heavy pieces of food grade vinyl. So no tearing etc. But if it's a smaller piece of fondant I am rolling, like Nancy, I put a small, small amount of shortening on the counter to roll out the fondant. Makes it go smooth. As Goreti also said, too much corn starch/icing sugar in rolling out will cause your fondant to crack/rip. I have rolled tons of fondant, and it can still be a challenge. I use homemade MMF & satin Ice. But it can be the weather, the temp in your house.... It all affects your fondant. Refrigerator advice is bang on. Hope we have helped you... :o)
Thank you all for the help..I think I may have found out why..I put my fondant on immediately after crumb coatings the cake so fondant may be getting moist and tearing..I hope this is why

good luck ; )

Patricia Joyea said:

Thank you all for the help..I think I may have found out why..I put my fondant on immediately after crumb coatings the cake so fondant may be getting moist and tearing..I hope this is why
That could explain he problem Patricia. I always wait a hour or so for the icing & crumb coat to set up before I put on my fondant. Guess you will find out on your next cake. :o)

hi i´ve been decorating cakes from about 6 month i´ve been having some troubles coloring the fondat and having bright and dark colors here in cartagena colombia we dont have wilton products so i have to make mi own fondant could you please give me some advice on how to colored the fondant and have bright and dark colors

Can you get colored candy melts?  If you can, here is a tutorial on making marshmallow fondant and using candy melts to color.

Another option would be to add jello gelatin if there is a flavor that would work with the cake like in this tutorial

Another option perhaps Koolaid packets if the flavor would work with the cake flavor.  Not sure if any of these things are available in your country.  

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