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I am searching for a light and fluffy white/vanilla cake recipe. I swear I've tried close to 20 that I've gotten from various websites online such as,, etc. NONE of them have come out to my satisfaction. They've all been either too dense, too dry, no flavor, etc. I am looking for a good tasting cake that is very light and fluffy without being so dry you have to drink a gallon of milk with each bite. If anyone has a good recipe and is willing to share, please let me know. I'm getting desperate 


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Thank you ladies for your advice and honesty :D

If you like the taste and texture of the cake mix you are using, why do you want to switch? I almost always use a mix and get rave reviews from everyone (it's my fillings and frostings that are over the top!) and the only complaints I've ever gotten were when I tried scratch recipes.  Dry, heavy, etc., were the comments. I went to the white cake mix (DH) and get nothing but raves.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 

Dani I have found the same with a lot of scratch recipes.... that is why I have adapted my recipes over the years.  You just have to do what works for you! 

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