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Hi my name is Carlena and I am an aspiring cake decorator. I started decorating cakes when I was 14. I took a cake decorating course in 4h and absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately I haven't done any decorating for years as I have been focusing on my family. I began decorating again two years ago and I renewed my desire to become a professional decorator. I had planned to attend the California Culinary Academy last fall but due to financial problems was unable to attend. I have now moved to Montana to be closer to my family and am hoping to find some one in the area who would be willing to work with me and to teach me more about the decorating world. If you or anybody you may know of in around the Helena are willing to work with me please let me know. Decorating is my passion and I would like to turn my passion into a professional career. Thanks and I hope to be hearing from all of you at this site!!!

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Do you have a Michaels or AC Moore craft store or something where there teach classes? They are fairly basic, but can give you practice and tips for not a lot of money.


Hi Carlena,  I am self taught, you would be amazed at the info you can get on line, youtube is great, they have tons of videos on every aspect of cake decorating.  For gum paste flowers you can get the Wilton kit, at Joann's or Michaels.  It has cutters and an instruction book (use your coupon!)  It is not the best but good for starting out, you can later buy better tools when you are ready for the next level.  The main thing is practice, practice, practice!!  My first stuff was terrible,  but I am getting a lot better now.

Hi Carlena, Good Luck on your move.  If you have some smaller bakeries in your area that bake on premises you can stop in and ask them if they would be willing to teach you some basics, they are usually helpful.  Also, if there is a culinary school nearby they usually have one -three day seminars from the basics to the more advanced.  As Cindy said, practice, practice, practice. good luck :)
You can DEFINITELY become professional just by being self taught and practicing.  I owned a wedding cake business for 4 years, and was self taught.  ALOT of practice.  I have video tutorials at my blog if you are interested.
Well you have made a great start by reaching out to Cake We Bake! I would love to invite you to my group here called "Self Taught Decorators Club". You can get a lot of honest advice, tips and great support of members just like you :).

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