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Well, the time is almost here, im nearly ready to start my cake business! So excited!

But im having trouble pricing my cakes.

I tried to do the ever suggested, call up local bakeries/cake decorators to find out their prices... but ive stumbled upon a problem, there arent any! The nearest one to us, is about a 45 minute drive away... and they only make a few certain "staple" cakes, that are lovely, but a small range so, not much to go by. Ill be driving up there to have a look at prices (can only see prices in their display book in store), also, the only local cake decorator (or the only one who advertises on the internet at least) is charging ridiculously low!! I pretended to be a customer wanting two different cakes on seperate occasions, wanting a quote. I know thats not nice to fib, but she gives off a very unhelpful, unaproachable vibe and i wouldnt dare tell her i was wanting to know because ill be her competitor! Anyway, she quoted me a mere $75 for a doll cake (you know the ones using the doll tins) this was including the doll, fondant and buttercream decoration, with glitter and a rich chocolate cake with filling!!!! And then for a two teir cake with a few decorations, about $120.... just crazily underpriced, which is a bit scary. Im a beginner and i know my cakes and my time are worth more than that!!!


i just dont know what to charge. Im really lost.

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I'm hoping to have a cake estimator built in to Bakery Butler, but for now my wife and I took the cost of the recipe and multiplied it by three times. Once we got the cost of 1 cup of batter we'd use that to calculate future cakes using the same recipe. We would do this for icing and fillings as well.

For example, 1 cup of vanilla cake batter might cost $1.25 and 1 cup of icing might cost $.75. A sheet cake that takes 12 cups of batter and 5 cups of icing would cost $18.75 to bake. Multiply that by 3 and you get $56.25. We would round this up to $60. If there is extensive decorating involved we would add that as an hourly rate on top of the cost of the cake.

If you are looking for a solution for collecting online requests, please check out Bakery Butler. We are currently looking for early adopters to help us get started. Send me a private message if you're interested in learning more.

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