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I was looking on the website for Joanns Fabric to see if they had added  any new products like silicone mold making and ran across this product. They have it in two sizes, the molds can be melted and reused and have a foodgrade product for chocolate, fondant, and gumpaste.  It is called Composimold FC. I'm really would like to save some pennies up to try this, but if there are some pros and cons or you just never heard of it like me. Please share!

Thanks and Best Wishes - Pam

Oh yeah you can find it on youtube too, who knew! 

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Hi Pam, haven't heard from you in a while.  Since I had 2 open discussions on the same topic, it was suggested that I delete one, which I did.  The one we were using had the least comments, so I deleted it just today. 

This stuff sounds an awful lot like my mold mix.  I have been having real good results with it lately, both as a pour over, and as a set in.  I have remelted & reused it many times.  It stays pliable.  It will soften if it gets wet.  The frig does not hurt it, probably the best place to keep it.  I am still experimenting, like you said.  I have left some out, and have some in containers, & one in the frig.  Will keep track of how they react, and keep posting online.  Pics available at 'Food Grade Mold' Recipe .  Have you had a chance to try it yet?  If so, please post your pictures.  I am still working on a version that can be pressed on.  lol 

And I am working on a sugar lace recipe, have not gotten it to stay pliable for more than a few days when left out.  It stays very pliable if kept in a baggy.  I have some that is over a month old, and still very pliable when kept from the air.   It works like a mock Sugarveil, with the molds that I bought for that purpose.  They have to have a very fine detailed pattern, so I have not tried it with my mold mix yet. lol

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