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Has anyone done any caning with gumpaste or fondant??

I was watching a youtube on caning using clay.  It looked exactly like gumpaste to me, so I made up a batch and went to town... and I love it!!  I did the green & white for leaves, and it looks different, but I LIKE it!  What do you think?  Have any of you worked with this medium??  If so, what were your results?  What other applications can it be put to? 

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Bonnie, this looks really effective!  Reminds me of humbugs or seaside sticks of rock from when I was a kid.  What was the youtube video you saw?


Can't remember that one, but here are some sites that were given to me, in response to my thread, on Cake Central. The one I saw on youtube must have gotten her ideas from this one! This site gave me a whole new slant on designs, called Patterned Pastes.  Different from caning.  Caning is used in 'clay' tutorials mostly. This site gave me some new ideas on my existing way of caning.
Hope you have as much fun from watching them as I did.  Very informative. 

Thanks Bonnie, I'll check them out.

I must confess Bonnie...I have never heard of this medium/technique. Will check out the sites. Thanks for posting.
I should tell you Bonnie I shared your "make your own medium" with my Canadian cake club. Lots of interest. Especially from the hobbyists who don't want to spend big $$$ buying a moulding kit.

Wonderful!  Hope they find it useful.  Let me know if anyone actually tries it, and their opinion of it, OK??  So far, I have not heard from anyone that has tried it...

Well, I have the ingredients ...but been so busy with other stuff & Christmas, it's on the back burner....

I did watch the cakefu training on this and liked the effect.  I just haven't been in the mood to "play" with new techniques.

suziq auzzi said:

It's common with polymer clay and Fimo ...


Hi suzig auzzi,

Thanks for all of these.  I found several that I think I can do with gumpaste, not toooo hard!  Leaf, feather, & butterfly.  If I am not careful, I will be going off onto another wild tangent again. lol




Thanks suziq auzzi
I have copied a few of your sites. Especially clay. Have made several clay items, but been a bit frustrated. One of your sites mught be the ticket to helping me. I guess canning is like layering.....many, many layers....not sure I would do a big project...but fun to try a small one.

HO! HO! HO  The grands are coming tomorrow to bake a cake, & put up the decorations, for Jesus's birthday party on the 25th!  We only need to put the glitter on His Name to complete the swag!  I was tempted to make it all out of cookies, and may yet decide to do so. lol

Once again, a very 'Merry Christmas!' to you all!   

Hi, this is really fun to work with, you CAN NOT do it wrong!  Anything looks nice.  Try different thickness of color for some beautiful flower effects.  If I ever get brave enough to do a show cake, I definitely want to incorporate caning into it!  This is one of the best basic technique tutorials.  Have fun!  And your kid will love it!  My 6 yr. old grandson plays with it. 

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