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Cast a spell of joy on your child with their very own Harry Potter cake on their birthday. Use this as an inspiration for your next child's birthday and feel free to leave your own ideas and photos for others.

A spell book of photos from our users on the site.

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This is timely, I'm planning a Harry potter book cake for this coming weekend!

Here is a harry potter cake I created for a 7 yr. birthday


Wizards, and Spells - Witness the world of Harry Potter with this Fire Goblet Theme Cake. 


Here is a harry potter cake

The cake design is AWESOME. It will become nicer if you will put it on a cake stand with brilliant designs. I bumped into this site that offers elegant yet affordable cake stands, I like the designs of the stands !

I love this one Slytherin style 

This is so cool, you might want to check more cake stand for to make your creation more presentable

Gary Newman said:

I love this one Slytherin style 

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