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Maria, you and I are a world apart, but share a love for animals.  To honor you and all the little creatures you have saved, I've created a life-size model of a cat for your birthday.  It is rice cereal treats covered with a 50%/50% fondant and modeling chocolate mixture, colored with gel food colors and artist's soft pastels.  The only things not edible are the whiskers, which are paper covered wire.  Happy birthday, my friend!

Thank you so much Sandra!!! You are really a great artist!!!

I add my best birthday greetings to this too Maria!  It's so nice to have lovely friends all around the world and I send you lots of love on your special day.  I hope you are spoilt by all your friends and family.

Happy Birthday Maria.  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thank you, Maria! I hope you special day was all sunlight and laughter!

Maria Gemini said:

Thank you so much Sandra!!! You are really a great artist!!!

Thank you so much my dear lovely friends!!! I'm really so glad I have friends like you. I only have few real friends here whom I can count from my fingers. I really treat you as my true friends who are always helpful, supportive and kind all the time. I didn't have any celebration as we are having a financial crisis. I had a Disney Cars cake order so I added a half recipe so I can make 8 pieces cupcakes, but I gave the 5 pieces to my friends in my son's school and my kids ate the 3 pieces, that's all!!!Thanks again and God bless!!! 

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