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Hope you have your best birthday ever, my friend!  Enjoy your Hawaiian vacation....

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Thanks Denise.
Denise Rico said:

A very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to you Goreti!! Hope you're enjoying your day so far.

Bonnie, I came to such a screeching halt when I saw this photo with the slice remove that I left skid marks!  Dang that looks good and so beautiful!

Bonnie Willey said:

Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend, this is my rendition of your birthday 'cheesecake' cake , and so you get the first slice!  Hold the whipped cream!

Your famous 'Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake'.  It takes a while to make, and it weighs a ton, but it is well worth it!

Thank you so much, Denise, but you know very well that my nemesis is I definitely have limits :o)

Denise Rico said:

Another awe inspiring cake Sandra!! What can I say except that your talents are limitless.

I love this design, too, Bonnie!  Glad you posted both.

Bonnie Willey said:

Thanks on the strawberries, didn't want to copy you completely! lol  As to the other, Larry never eats these things, never has, and probably never will..., anyway Ethan & his dad, & Jordan all liked it.  I found that I apparently do not like hazelnuts all that much, but I did enjoy the nice big slice that was meant for you, the one I just couldn't get to go through my screen to you, go figure. lol   With the strawberries & whipped cream, it was quite palatable.  I will leave out the Nutella next time, and then I can really enjoy this, it has  nice depth to it!  Would take half a dozen of the box mixes to make this baby! lol  No wonder all of your family wants one!  As long as you do all the work!  On that thought, I will wish you joy for the rest of your day LADY!!
This was my first attempt at a design, so as not to look like yours, but it was a no go, and so I piled on the strawberries after all! lol
Goreti said:

Thank you Bonnie and I do love that cheesecake.   Did your family like it?  Love what you did with the strawberries.

Thanks Sandra, for being my cheerleader!  Glad you liked them both! lol

Goreti,  I'll let you do the experimenting, then you can not only tell me if the biscoff worked, but also how much to use! lol

Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks Pamela.

Hi PAM!!  Welcome to the party!
Pamela Brown said:

Happy Belated Birthday!

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