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I wanted to post this so we can create a forum section for Halloween cake Ideas

I will be adding links to Halloween cake pictures and videos on this site as well as other sites.


Here is some links to easy halloween cake idea videos


Halloween pumpkin and Jack O lanter cakes


This is a link to all cakes on the site labeled Halloween Cake



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I know PhotoFrost has new fall colors available. It would be super easy to make a Jack-o-lantern.Another thought would be to take the black sheet and cut out an image of a witch, owl, black cat, or haunted house and then put some fall leaves around it. Kids might have fun decorating cookies or cupcakes with this and some seasonal candy.

Halloween is around the corner

What kind of halloween cake will you be making this year?

When I was at Julie Bashore's Sugar Veil class recently, we learned to make a veil. This is what is used to create the cool, flexible spider webs you see on cakes. You use the Sugar Veil comb to spread out the Sugar Veil. When dry, pipe dots approximately 1-1/2 inches apart all the way down row of Sugar Veil. On the next row, pipe the dots in between the dots above. Keep alternating as you pipe dots on the entire thing. When dry, you'll lift the piece and spread it apart to form a veil or a great spider web for a cake. A lot of times, you see them done in black. You have to airbrush it black because Sugar Veil is a bright white icing and you'd never get a real true black mixing in food color.
 I made this entirely out of PhotoFrost sheets. We have  some new fall colors out and this was fun and easy.

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