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Maybe this will save someone else from trying  one gumpaste recipe  after another - like I did. I'm not even sure why it took me over a year, but finally tried Nicholas Lodge's gumpaste recipe and i will never, ever EVER use anything but!  It is beyond awesome. Easist to work with. Can cut with Cricut Cake almost immediately after rolling and very flexible without stretching completely out of shape. If you haven't tried it you must!

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This is the favorite of my cake club leader, who is a pro & has her own business. But just like any other recipe Dee, depends on the day you make it. Twice I have made Lodges recipe, twice it was gummy.  I have a quick gumpaste recipe, posted here on cwb, made using cornstarch... and for me, turns out every time. Takes no time to make, and can be used right away, whereas Lodges needs min 24 hrs to "cure".

Thanks, June.  You are absolutely right.  I have found the same to be true of fondant recipes - it's just a dice roll!  ;)  I will check out your recipe.  It sounds perfect.  Thanks again!

When the weather is cooler, thinking I might make a couple of batches of Lodges recipe. My cake club leader says it freezes well. I have a vacu seal system. So there is literally no air in the bag when it goes in the freezer. Homemade mmf also freezes well.

Unfortunately, the various brands of CMC have differing strengths. As they are all supposed to be just carboxymethyl cellulose, you would expect them to do exactly the same thing .... Some brands need a dash more, while some need a bit less ... 

Notes: don't use meringue powder/water as a substitute. Meringue powder contains vegetable gums and other chemicals. Use dried egg whites.

If you make gum paste from scratch the gelatin can also have an effect on the finished results. First of all it has to be melted completely or that will make the paste sticky. Also the quality of gelatin used is important. The best results I have had was gum paste made from leaf gelatin rather than granules.  

When storing, double wrap it in plastic and then place in an air tight box and then place it in the freezer. Bring to room temperature before using it. 

I'm from Canada Joyce, and I confess, I have never ever heard of leaf gelatin. Interseting. :o)

I'm from England but I live in Hungary and getting cake making supplies is a nightmare (a lot of things I have to bring over from the UK)  but I can get leaf gelatin which is a bonus. They are transparent sheets that come in a little packet. You may be able to get them in Michael's craft store as I know they have a cake decorating section. You can also get them from Amazon. They may work better because they are more refined.

The part I wrote in my original message about storing was referring to the ready made gum paste. 

Funny Joyce
When I saw your name, I thought, she must have immigrated to Hungary. I was right. It is beautiful country. :o)

LOVE his recipe too!  I use Satin Ice sometimes but I have a couple of his DVD's and love his recipe!


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