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hi,,I am just learning to make gumpaste flowers..The ones I made looked really good but since they dry so hard,, they are dull, so I am going to add some pearl dust to the next batch i make. Now,,I'm wondering: is it better to tint the gumpaste first, then add the dust,, or to make them all white,, then add colored dust?.............also, whats the pros and cons to dust versus a liquid paint?.. thanks!!

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amen to that 'sister'!

Lois Stephens said:

Linda,, thank you very much for your advice and help. have a super blessed day.


(Thank God I'm Forgiven!)

Here is the technique I use:

Layers, first start out with a pale or dark gumpaste depending on the color you wish to acheive in the end.  If you want a gold rose you use a yellow (goldish) gumpaste then dust with gold. If you want a pink rose you start with pink gumpaste and then shade with pink dust accents and maybe a mango dust or something on the edges. The trick is to get a good base color then accent with the dusts. If you cover white gumpaste with dust you get more of a translucent result. I use steam and sometimes luster also to set and blend all the colors in after dusting.

Hello Lois:

Edna is a very good teacher and you should definitely watch her YouTube videos. As for dusting in my experience, the dust adheres better if the gumpaste is not completely dry but in the "leather" stage. It also helps to look at lots and lots of pictures of the flowers you want to create before you color and shape them. Get the flower in your mind first, visualize it then you will make MUCH better flowers. If you want dark colored roses then color the gumpaste first. Otherwise color the flowers with petal dust and use a slightly darker hue for the edges and down into the center of the rose.

Glenda & Karen,, thank yall so much for taking the time to help me. i greatly appreciate it...I did watch a lot of her tutorials.. I ordered some petal dust and pearl dust,, so as soon as they come in,, I will try it...!! I cant wait. thanks again yall..
I'm basically self-taught, too.  I think many of us are. I wouldn't trade the journey for anything.

Tracy Deadman said:

Hi Lois,

I've just made some roses and dusted them with both white pearl dust and radiant gold dust. Go and have a look at the result. This was on gum paste that I tinted with Ivory colouring. I've only just started to make roses and am self taught - so they aren't amazing (I was pretty pleased though). It't the last picture I posted. Tracy x

Marian, thaks for the encouragement!

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