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I have to make this cake for a b'day celebration on November 5. I'm confident that I can pull it off but wondered if anyone has ideas of how to make sure the gold rings on the handles are sturdy enough for delivery. Gumpaste? Gumpaste/fondant mix? Additional drying time? Thanks, everybody.


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I would defiantly use a fondant gum paste mix and allow as much drying time as possible. I always make an extra....just in case.
Good luck, can't wait to see pictures!
Thank you, Nancy. I have done the 50/50 mix and am going to shape the handles today. I have that expensive 24 carat gold dust that I will mix with a little vodka to use as paint for these rings. I'm cutting out a gumpaste crib now and pray that it will dry by Saturday morning. Two such cakes on the same day. I truly did not mean to do that. Thank you again. I will post the pictures as soon as I'm done.

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