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'GummyGel' For Decorating Cakes Recipe
1/4 cup glycerin, WARMED
   2 envelopes (1/2 oz.) Knox Gelatine 
1/4 cup water 
   1 tsp. glucose/clear corn syrup, more if desired 
1/4 tsp. coconut oil 
      any clear flavoring. 
      any color to desired hue (optional). 
      or Kool-Aid is recommended for both color & flavor as an alternative.
( I am working with an 850watt microwave, be sure to adjust time/power settings as needed. For 1,100watt- use 50% power setting.)
1. Warm glycerin & set aside.
2. Combine gelatin & water, stir. Microwave 20 seconds, stir, may microwave another 15 seconds if needed to completely dissolve. (If you are only working with one color, you can dissolve it well in the water before adding the gelatin.)
3. Stir warm glycerin in well. Must be warm.
4. Stir in glucose well.
5. Add in coconut oil, and stir well. Microwave another 20 seconds. It is ready.
6.This is when I usually pour only the amount I need into a smaller cup, add my flavoring & coloring as desired, and pour into my mold. Can be flavored without color for the diamond effect. I repeat this procedure as needed to fill all necessary molds for my project, one little cup at a time..('-')
Tips & hints: 
It starts out nice & clear. I only color, and flavor, the amount I need, in a separate bowl, for each project. Leave the rest as is, and it can be reheated for later use, colored and flavored as needed, then. Clarifying works well here, especially when doing GummyGel gems.
Kool-Aid is a quick, easy, cheap, & VERY effective way of getting both color, and flavor!  Just remember that purple will taste like GRAPE on a cake! lol
Can use a silicone, or any flexible, cup to pour mix into a less detailed mold. Do not overfill, can move mix around in the mold with a toothpick to fill smaller cavities, but this must be done quickly, or it will begin to set. If it starts to setup before you are done, reheat remaining mix as needed to complete project. I often have 2 cups, with different color & flavors, going at the same time, for a 2 toned effect in the finished product.
Can refrigerate up to 20 minutes, or more, to speed up setting process. The longer it sets up, the stronger it will be. Remember, it sets fast! Totally edible too. With proper flavoring, the kids, big & little, all love it! It's melt in your mouth delicious!
If you want it a little thinner, add a wee bit more water. If you need it thicker, less water, or more gelatin. I use a wooden skewer to stir my mix, it can be left in the bowl while in the microwave for less mess, just wash it off & keep it in a baggy, & it can be reused over & over.
Keeps well, in or out of the fridge. Cleanup for this recipe is a breeze. Let it cool in the cup, or container, then just lift it out, all in one neat little piece! Just put it back in the container, & put on the lid, to be remelted later for reuse. Any leftover gummies themselves can also be reheated, & repoured, to make new molds at a later time. Always label your leftovers.
Any & all comments are welcome.  Everything is always subject to change.  And I keep tweaking it, to improve it.

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This is so cool, Bonnie!  I've got to try this! Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks Sandra.  Thought I would put it back on in case anyone didn't get a chance to try it before.

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