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i have a cake coming up for my niece that requires deep red roses.  after coloring the gum paste to the correct color (master chef super red)...the gum paste is really stretchy, wet...doesn't hold it's shape...crisco doesn't seem to be the answer logically.  afraid to add sugar in case it dries it out too much.  I'm able to make her roses but they don't hold their truly life like petal shape that you get when the gum paste is just right.

Any one else run into this?  what's your solution?

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Can you buy it already red and tint it to the deeper colour you'd like? I use Sugarcraft extra red and it doesn't seem to cause the problem you are experiencing, but maybe you are adding more paste than I have. Good luck and I hope you achieve the colour you are looking for. Tracy x
Sorry Tl, I meant Sugarflair not Sugarcraft - oops x

i usually buy gum paste in the colour that i want usually squires poinsetta in this case and then make the roses and then when theyre dry use dust colour to recolour and add the shading for a more realistic look. hope that helps

But do you know of any solutions to the sticky?
cmc maybe?

Add cmc to your paste and knead well.

t l said:

But do you know of any solutions to the sticky?
cmc maybe?

Add some tylo to stiffen it up and then colour dust when dry to get it back to the deep red you want?

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