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Gum Paste Flowers Cake Contest - March 4th - April 1st

Gum Paste Flowers Cake Contest:

Enter your cake decorated with gum paste flowers by Friday, April 1st for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile and label the title Gum Paste Flowers Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. You may enter as many cakes as you like, but please enter only 1 photo per cake entry.

Sponsored by A&H Cake Design cake decorating supplies store. Right now, they are offering 10% shipping when you make a purchase of $50 or more. 


1st place: $20 gift certificate to A&H Cake Design

2nd place: $15 gift certificate to A&H Cake Design

The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting them as their favorites. Voting will take place from Saturday, April 2nd to Wednesday, April 6th. Judges will vote from April 7th - 9th.  The winners will be posted on April 10th.



To vote, select the cake you want to vote for and click on it. Scroll down the page and look for the Facebook like button beneath the photo. Click it to vote. You may vote for as many cakes as you like. Courteous comments are welcome, but do not count towards the vote.


Please do not solicit votes on other websites. If we discover someone cheated, that person's cake will be disqualified.


Please do not panic if you don't see your cake photo featured in the contest right away. Once you label your cake properly, we search the site for cakes with that title. If you don't see your cake featured after 24 hours, then please do leave us a note here. There are over 45,000 cakes on this site, so sometimes we do miss them, especially if you are relabeling a photo that was previously added to the site. This is a human edited process, not automated, so we occasionally miss a photo, but please understand this is not intentional. We DO want to make sure every contest entry is entered.


Congratulations, Pat Roberts - 1st place and Melissa Seguisabal - 2nd place:


Pat Roberts

Melissa Seguisabal:

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Why does it seem like every time I enter the contest my cakes are never posted?
HI Ellen - I added a bunch of your cakes to the contest featured photos and posted on your profile. :)

Ellen S. said:
Why does it seem like every time I enter the contest my cakes are never posted?

Hi Theresa

I did not see my gumpaste flowers. It's under my name lisa yanoschak.


Hi Theresa!


I just wanted to comment that my submission for the gumpaste flower contest didn't make it into the photo album  :(.  I'm new here, so it may have certainly been something that I did or didn't do properly.  The photo is labeled under my profile as Gumpaste Flower Contest, and it is the stargazer lily cake I have on there.  After looking at all of these beautiful cakes, I'm guessing I wouldn't have won anyway ~ they're gorgeous!! :)



Susan, I just checked your photo and it is entered in the contest.  Maybe Terri or Eileen added it sometime between your message and now.


Tim, what rules do you see as being changed?  The voting only begins AFTER the submission deadline.  Then members are encouraged to vote for their favorites.  Those votes narrow down the selection for the final judges.  This is the way the last several contest have been run.  The only difference is we've changed the button to a Facebook "like" button instead of a "favorite" button.

Tim Brooks said:

Sooo.... Let me get this straight. You started a contest that ended on Friday April 1st. 2011 People were able to vote on cakes that they liked until you decided sometime on Saturday April 2nd 2011 to change the voting procedure, rendering the previous votes null and void?

No thank you! Goodbye.

Tim Brooks

Thank you Deah!!

Deah said:

Susan, I just checked your photo and it is entered in the contest.  Maybe Terri or Eileen added it sometime between your message and now.


Oh my... I voted last week too by pushing the favorite button like we used to... .did not know it would change.  I don't see my favorites album anymore so does that mean I need to go through and find the ones I liked again?  I spent several hours looking through all of them last week.  Bummer.  I do not know if I will have time to do it again have a lot going on this week.  When is the deadline to vote?

I re added the favorite button

I think you will be able to see the cakes you added to your favorites to make it easier to vote


Hmmmm none of the cakes I had in my favorites are there.  I just added oneand it works but looks like I lost the others.  Do we have to vote through facebook?
Yes all voting will be done through facebook likes
How do you claim your prize?

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