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My brother is getting married in two weeks time and I was asked to make this five tier wedding cake (pink flowers instead). Its kind of like a gift. He is providing the cost of the ingredients and materials.

Based on what they could afford, I decided to do four tiers instead - 2 dummies and two real cakes (12", 10", 8" & 6").
The first two tiers will be cake. The bottom tier will be sponge, second tier fruit, third and fourth tier will be dummies.

I was wondering what was placed on the top tier to adhere the gumpaste flowers. I am thinking about using oasis.

If I use oasis would I get the same effect like that of the top tier?

How were the flowers adhered to the cake and oasis were wires inserted in the flowers or the flowers were made without wires?

How was the flowers stuck to the top?

The cascading flowers were they made just like that or with wires...was wondering if it was inserted or adhered with probably royal icing? 
I am thinking about using foamcore for the base of the bottom and second tier.

I already have wooden dowel rods was thinking about just using those instead of buying the plastic ones, How many would be needed for each tier?


Any other advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would probably get something like this to use for the top and those those flowers wire sticking them right into the ball.  The cascading ones I wouldn't wire them because you can't stick the wires into the real cakes.  Normally I used melted chocolate because I can't be bothered with making royal icing and it dries almost immediately.  You can use either.  As far as the dowels, I normally use the large bobba tea straws.  Some say those are more stable and others say the wooden dowels.  Since you already have the dowels, might as well use them.  Make sure that you cut them all the same size.  So measure one them use it to cut all the others.  Don't go overboard with the dowels.  More is not necessarily more stable.  Actually the opposite because you are making so many holes in the cake.  I usually use 1 for every 2 inches of cake support so that would mean you would place 5 dowels in the 12 inch in order to support the 10 inch above.  I'm no expert but that is what I would do.  

My thinking is exactly the same as Goreti's for the topper, a half foam ball would be perfect.  You would not necessarily need to wire the flowers for the top either.  You could attach them to the ball with RI or chocolate before they become completely dry and rigid allowing for a close fit.

If I were making this cake using partial dummies, I would make the bottom two tiers styrofoam and the top three real cake.  "Styrofoam is very sturdy and would require no additional supports.  Your small top tier could be for them to keep for their first anniversary and you would only need to dowel the second and third top tiers. 

Agreed.  Don't wire the cascading flowers, I don't believe they have been in the cake shown.  I prefer royal icing to stick things on with, but it's personal preference.  We can get it ready made in powder form here and you just add water.  Easy peasy and you can make as much or little as you want.  As for dowelling and positioning, has a really useful tool for this.  It's the cake tier stacker app.  You can buy the full app for all her guides on android or phone, or you can just register on pc and get the basics, which is what I use.  Not sure if this link will take you there,   You put your tier sizes and shapes in and it draws the stack for you and tells you how many dowels to use and where to put them.

Thanks so much for the assistance.

I've posted a photo of the cake.

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