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I have been asked to do a graduation cake for a young man.  He attends a Christian school.  I have a large Book pan. Does anyone have any ideas on how to decorate it. School colors are blue and orange.  I thought maybe simple would be best, and the family doesn't want the Christian part of it on the cake, as it is for his party.  Can anyone give me suggestions?  Thanks

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Could you make it look like his year book? Maybe get his and some of his friends' senior pictures printed on edible paper and put those on one side of the book and the school mascot or logo on the other page. Just my first thought. Good luck!
I have a grad cake that I did last year in my album... it was for a girl who I coached in Varsity Softball for 3 years. She was a great kiddo... she played volleyball, basketball, and softball, was one of the top 10% of her class and she had a pig in 4-H so her cake I incorporated everything in it. Was a ton of fun. I have a couple to do for graduation this year too and they will be simialr to the same idea using their interests on the cakes.
Thank you for your suggestions ladies! I have time, so will try both! It's much appreciated.

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