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Good recipe for chocolate covered strawberries? How to drizzle ganache pretty on the sides of cake?

I am doing a grooms cake and they have asked for chocolate covered strawberries does anyone have a good recipe? Any help would be appreciated.. I also wanted to ask on ganache how to make the drizzles pretty on the side of the cake?

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I just use Ghiradeli (sp?) melting chocolate. Melt it and dip. As far as the ganache, when you're melting it, dip a spoon into the ganache, lift it out and zig zag it back and forth so the ganache creates stripes on the surface. Those stripes should disappear after just a second or two. That's the proper consistency to use. Pour it onto the cake in a thin stream, starting in the middle. Start to circle around the cake slowly, and then once you reach the edge, or close to it, stop. Then just let the ganache drip down on its own. I like doing this with a pastel colored frosting under the ganache. Soooo pretty!

EDIT: forgot to mention that when you pour ganache onto a bc iced cake, it's going to show every imperfection, so you want to get the cake as smooth as you can possibly make it. smooth it, let it crust, viva it, then pour.
Thank you so much! I am so excited about this cake!!
My favorite chocolate for ganache is the Yucatan from Merkens or the Dark Chocolate. To dip the strawberries... the dark chocolate wafers from merkens are the best,.... they add such a wonderful flavor nice contrast with the strawberries. Have you all tried fresh pineapple dipped in dark chocolate? mmmmm it is really good.

I did the dripped look on our daughter's side cake for her wedding last summer and it was super humid. It looked sooo pretty right after I poured it and the next day when we took it to the venue... it ended up getting dull and not so shiny .. the humidity just got to it.

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