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We are doing some research to offer you really high quality baking pans at half the cost of retail. What are the qualities and types of pans you would be interested in?

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I loved it! Perfect!!!! Yes, there are a heck of a lot less than the pan and the best thing is I have everything here!!!!
I love this site. Everyone is just so helpful and supportive and sweet (sweeter than our cakes!).
Most men are Bf hates flying...he has nightmares way in advance of teh flight

It is beautiful here...and we would be happy to have you...


jeri c said:
I would love to visit! It sounded wonderful from the kids! However... my husband will not fly anywhere.. Our son got married in Washington DC last year (we live in Oregon) and it was all I could do to get him on that plane trip... and boats never.... he is just a big baby!

Teneisha Williams said:
Awesome should visit next time...:)

I have a Miami the goods are shipped there and then shipped from there to me...I will check both sites...

Thanks a mil!!!!

Teneisha Williams said:
Just trying to get some feedback on Fat Daddio's baking pans. Are they as good as they are marketed?

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