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Ok over this past weekend I had to do pirate themed cupcakes.  So of course what pirate theme isn't complete without some pirate booty, gold, treasure.  Well having never painted, or dusted anything with gold before I wasn't sure how to go about it.  What techniques have you found to be easiest?


No I bought edible gold paint but it basically wouldn't stay mixed.  All the good "gold" was settled at the bottom and it became a pain to keep stirring it up again.  I bought 2 different gold dust.  One was a cheaper Wilton one.  The other, a bit more expensive and much small.  Every time I used either you could still see the fondant underneath.  I even tried mixing it with piping gel.  So needless to say I am clueless on this technique.  Can anyone help with how to do this properly? 

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I used  gold highlighter from Global Sugar Art with Everclear liquor to paint this demi parue set I made for the 2010 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. (I placed 1st in the Adult Professional Division for this set.) It took two coats to acheive this color. just remember to steam the items after they dry so that the dust will set and not flake off.

Hello, I use the gold sheen airbrush paint, its edible and can be painted on is thin coats until you achieve your desired look if you dont have an airbrush, I use airbrush paints for alot of my painting projects on fondant.



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