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Ok over this past weekend I had to do pirate themed cupcakes.  So of course what pirate theme isn't complete without some pirate booty, gold, treasure.  Well having never painted, or dusted anything with gold before I wasn't sure how to go about it.  What techniques have you found to be easiest?


No I bought edible gold paint but it basically wouldn't stay mixed.  All the good "gold" was settled at the bottom and it became a pain to keep stirring it up again.  I bought 2 different gold dust.  One was a cheaper Wilton one.  The other, a bit more expensive and much small.  Every time I used either you could still see the fondant underneath.  I even tried mixing it with piping gel.  So needless to say I am clueless on this technique.  Can anyone help with how to do this properly? 

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Seems like I'm replying to all your posts today. :)  I use the gold highlighter from Global Sugar Art and I mix it with vodka and apply with a brush.  You do have to experiment with ratios, though.  The vodka evaporates and leaves it nice and shiny.  If you look at my "Wish Upon a Star" cupcake tower topper, that was done with this technique.

I always take some of the gold paint from tub and mix with alchol, it dries quicker get more out of tub and u dont keep needing to mix the tub, when the little bit ur working with dry's b4 finishing just put little alchol on it to rejuvinate x

when painting with any colour I always add alchol x

The gold highlighter is the best gold for the price. Do note however it's not edible, only non-toxic. So it's ok to paint the decorations, not the cake itself.

I also mix my dusts and highlighters with vodka, but lemon extract work as well. Just add very little at the time, I use a medicine drop, and mix in by the drop. If you add too much at the time it will not mix well as you experienced it. Vodka evaprates, so if you added too much just wait until it gets thicker. 

Also if you color your fondant/ gum paste yellow as a basic color, weaker gold dusts come out better. Paint in layers, wait for each to dry before applying next.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the tips.  One question... how are you mixing a marker with vodka?  Are you coloring first and then going over it with it?  Just trying to get the technique down.
The gold highlighter is actually a powder.  Comes in a little container.


This is the link to the highlighter on Global Sugar Art's website. :)

HAHA  See I'm a very literal person.  I just pictured like an edible marker.  Now I get it. Thanks

I use the highlighter when I need shiny gold or silver but it is not ment for consumption.  I love how shiny it is.  I like the Sunflower Sugar Arts gold and silver highlighter the best...

I am new to all of these techniques, and decorating in general, but I found the following worked for me:

Mix Wilton Shimmer Dust with a few drops of British Gin (didn't have any vodka on hand) to make a thin paste consistency. 

The color was nice and vibrant, and I didn't have to repaint. I used this technique on the keys of a guitar cake I did for my son's 18th birthday in Feb. You can see the picture here:

I made a St. Pat's pot of gold.  I used the gold luster dust mixed with vodka and painted the gold on the coins for the pot.  It took more than one coat to achieve the look I was after.
Thanks you all have been really helpful!
Hi Sherry... try the highlighter next time instead of the luster dust.  It is a shinier (is that a word?) gold.  I've tried the luster dust and it seems to not go on as well. 

Sherry Qualls said:
I made a St. Pat's pot of gold.  I used the gold luster dust mixed with vodka and painted the gold on the coins for the pot.  It took more than one coat to achieve the look I was after.

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