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I have a wedding cake coming up that will need some rhinestone ribbon around each tier. I'm curious if any of you have used the glam ribbon from Caljava?  It looks pretty, but someone was telling me it looks cheap and not as pretty in person.

Also - any suggestions of other rhinestone ribbon out there that is both affordable and pretty? It's for a family member, so I'm trying to keep it cost effective. There are some out there that would cost about $100 for my little 3 tiered cake and that's not in the budget.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Carla, I used a strip of rhinestone ribbon that I purchased from the fabric store on my big cake that I just finished for our September cake show. It's wrapped around the top tier and was actually double the size showing because I cut it right down the middle length wise because I thought it was too wide. It only cost me about $6.00 a yard, and when I bought it, the lady at the fabric store knew exactly how much I needed to go around the circumference of the cake because people had bought a lot of it just for that very purpose. So, they made up their own chart to have so that they could help cake decorators determine how much to buy for each tier. Is the type in the picture something you would use? If so, I would go to a fabric store and see what they have and what their prices are. I didn't think $6.00 a yard was too outrageous.

OMG that's beautiful!  Great job!

That's about the price on Caljava's site and in the price range I'm shooting for. I found it on one website for $30.00 a yard! Yikes!  Thanks for the pic. Lovely cake btw!

Thank you both for the kind words. Carla, in person, the rhinestones that I purchased do not look cheap at all. They looked so rich and luxurious. Is this the kind you were looking for?

Hi Carla, JoAnn Fabrics has a gorgeous fabric with rhinestones on it (just silver though) for $11 per yard, you will find it in the bridal section, is actually a trim, but if you use the 50% coupon coming up this weekend...well you do the math.

I might have to check out the fabric stores first before buying online.  Thanks everyone - your input was a big help!

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