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Here's a tip..... run into your local Home Depot, Lowes, etc and look at the paint chips.  They normally have colors paired that I would never think of putting together. 


The attached files are a paint scheme picked up at Home Depot and a cake I made using that scheme. 


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Man, that was an awesome tip, Deah, one I had never heard before. The clown figure that I had made a while ago, once completely dried, the stripes in his pants (red stripes) have completely faded down to a dull redish/pink. I had planned on entering him into the cake show in September, but once I noticed how dull his pants were, I had decided to just skip it. Now that I have this great tip, I may try to revitalize the little guy.

Deah said:

Meera, I just read this blog article and thought you might be interested.

I read a lot of her articles.  She's a no-nonsense kind of business woman.  Really knows her stuff, too. 



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